Fun fitness classes & summer camps - South Dublin City & Kildare
Fun Fitness for children ages 2 – 8
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What Stretch-n-Grow can do for your child!

Direct Benefits

Stretch-n-Grow will be the happiest activity your child does all week.  But more than that, our programme will be offering your child :

  • improved Fitness & Motor skills
  • improved Balance & Co-ordination
  • enhanced  development of brain function,  social skills,  leadership and imagination
  • classes delivered by certified Youth Fitness Specialists
  • Drills and skills for sports readiness, try out different sports
  • a unique 5 point approach to a  Healthy Lifestyle, from happy hearts to healthy eating
  • Builds  Self Esteem and participation in group activities

Kids five points of Stretch-n-Grow fitness classes

Developmental Benefits

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