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All Star Sports

All Stars Sports from Stretch-n-Grow!All Star Sports Summer Camps

Stretch-n-Grow’s All Star Sports programme is designed for children aged 4-8 years before they join sports clubs.

We teach children that exercise is FUN. Every Stretch-n-Grow fitness and sports class is full of FUN, but more importantly, we focus on the fundamentals of movement. (What are these? – Simply they are the ABCs of movement: Agility, Balance, Co-ordination & speed. These fundamentals form the basis for all sports skills.)

AT All Stars Sports, Children learn the ABCs and get introduced to a wide variety of sports.

Each day at summer camp the children get to practice and have fun with a different sport. We try Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Athletics and so much more. We teach skill building through positivity so every child is a winner. Teaching through Positivity

As part of Stretch-n-Grow philosophy for teaching children how to lead a healthy lifestyle, we have discussions on healthy eating, how exercise makes your body stronger, sportmanship and teamwork. Healthy eating is captured every day during our “Eat a Rainbow of Fruit” session. All the children are encouraged to try different fruits each day.

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